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Colourday Festival

Tones of Colour
Ιnternational Βrands

2015 is a significant year for the SiDeGroup, as it was then that the ColourDay Festival was realized for the first time. It is a concept event, which, through coordinated group throws, unites spectators and artists with different musical origins under the same colours.

From the very first year, it proved its dynamics and laid the foundations for it to become, not only the largest Greek festival in time, but also an institution with significant extroversion and European perspectives. Proof that since 2018 the project has gone beyond the Greek borders and has become the first Greek festival that was sold as a brand abroad (Albania, Cyprus, Kosovo).



The Ministry of Tourism, The Hellenic Rebuplic Region of Attica and the Maroussi Municipality have been supporting Skull Productions and Colourday Festival for years. The same support is given by successful international brands, which financially stand by our effort and convey our message.

Love Yourself. Find your colour !