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An authentic hacienda of taste and relaxation



Address: Poseidonos Avenue 21, Nea Makri

Phone: 6982 054004

Nana Amarisia Pasada, Ruca for her friends, was born in Mexico, grew up in Cuba, traveled the world and enchanted everyone with her art and passion for life.

Ruca is the house she decided to retire after her hectic life! An aristocratic Mexican hacienda that sprang from the past, welcomes ubiquitous lovers for a dreamy experience of relaxation and fun.

Ruca takes you through the gardens, dining room, library and private apartments of Nana Pasada serving quality coffee, delicious brunch, lunch, dinner and creative cocktails.

At Ruca Casa Authentica you are a visitor and you enjoy the warm hospitality of a hostess who through her restless life knows exactly what pleasure means!