SiDe Group
Group of innovative companies.
We shape the future.
We invest in people and entertainment.
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Companies and projects that determine our success story

Colourday Festival

The biggest and most colourful Greek music festival

Colour Day Run

The most fun, colourful race

Be The One

An online contest that leads to the top

Skull Productions

The production company of the top music events

Colour Your Day

A website full of colourful news


Animate your images with custom made gifs, stickers and ig filters

Major Studios

Your sound deserves a major recording studio


The equipment that meets the needs of each event


Audiovisual systems for every event

Live FX

Amazing special effects for your event

Dj Booth

Top professional dj equipment for all

Ticket Pass

Advanced entry-exit and contactless trading system


Modern, fast and easy way of contactless transactions

Location Greece

All secret spots for filming in Greece

Ruca Bar & Restaurant

An exotic all day destination for gastronomic pleasures.

Soul Club

The ultimate clubbing and nightlife experience

Macaw Bar

Tropical corner for all-day relaxation and all-night fun
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The biggest and most successful events in the country

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The most creative ideas are implemented through technological innovations

We succeed in music events



05 / 09

Audio & Visual

The future in audiovisual technology

The advertising that excels in digital campaigns


07 / 09

Food Sector

Elevated entertainment and tasting destinations

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We plan the future, we meet the needs of the time

Our Group

We have dealt with many different projects knowing successes and recognition. We created a strong team with people who have the skills and strength to achieve any task. Claiming the best result, we found ourselves next to great customers and excellent partners with whom we created a unique relationship of preference and trust.